Updated: 2/22/2021

Storyboard Text

  • After the mayflower ,a group of English people went to america to make another colony. The captain saw an island so they decided to settle there. But a tribe already lived there.
  • The captain and his crew went to see the tribe that lived on that island because, after all, it was their territory.
  • People were happy and they had bigger homes than in England.
  • Hi there
  • Hello
  • Some people wanted some things that they had left in their homes in England.
  • Give us the boat, we want to go home to get our things.
  • Okay, you have my permission to take the boat but when we arrive, we will have to leave quickly.
  • The people who left for England had to pack some food for the voyage and they also had to take some clothes and some plant medicine that the tribe gave them.