Chapters 16-18
Updated: 2/12/2021
Chapters 16-18

Storyboard Text

  • Hilltop Home
  • 2. See Bernie was right.
  • 1. Wow. Well I have to keep my part of the bargain.
  • Roys house
  • 2. YUM!
  • 1. Ruby loves to cook if you can't tell.
  • Outside Roy's House
  • 2. I'm coming thanks for coming back.
  • 1. Hurry.
  • Heidi guessed 10 coin flips in a row correctly. Roy was didn't know how she did it. The deal was if she could guess them than he takes her to his house and gives her a home cooked meal.
  • At Roy and Ruby's house they eat dinner and Heidi takes a bath. Ruby loves to cook. Ruby washed all of Heidi's clothes. Heidi accidently looks into the drawer where all of Ruby's baby clothes were stored.
  • Roy leaves without Heidi! Heidi is MAD. But, then Roy decides to call and pick up Heidi. He is going to take her back to Hilltop to ask Mr. Hill about the pictures.