Online Awareness and Internet Safety Story Board

Updated: 6/29/2020
Online Awareness and Internet Safety Story Board

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Toklo, guess what I - what are you doing?
  • Nothing - anyway, what do you want?
  • I found out about this thing called a "digital foot print."
  • Okay Uki, that just sounds like something you made up
  • I did not! I could tell you what is it right now!
  • Okay - then what is a "digital footprint?"
  • A digital footprint is a person's unique set of digital activities.
  • Hmm. Why would this be important for someone on the internet to know?
  • It is important to moderate online activity because you can control your online identity, but you do not know who could see it.
  • I guess that does make sense. Anyone could see what I post on social media, so when I post, I should think about if I would want my grandma to see it or not!
  • I guess. That is certainly an interesting way to think about it though.
  • Well, I am an interesting person after all!