Mystery Code Society
Updated: 3/18/2020
Mystery Code Society

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  • Graphic Design 101
  • Sarah Woods is graduating from high school in 1 month! However, she is still trying to figure out what she is going to do after graduation.
  • She took a graphic design class and really enjoyed it but she is looking for a career that is a little more lucrative so she can live a comfortable lifestyle.
  • Mystery Code Society 
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  • She decided to go see her school counselor to voice her concern for her future.
  • The counselor suggested looking into the tech industry! Professionals in this field are able to use artistic abilities to make good money. Also, there is a lack of women in this industry.
  • Sarah takes this advice and starts researching online programs to develop some technology based skills. She discovers Mystery Code Society, which is a women based non profit that offers free coding courses to girls in her area!
  • Sarah signs up for the 6 week introductory Java Script coding course to start learning. She now has a career plan set for after she graduates and is excited to start this new chapter in her life!