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The Plant Cell is Like a Circus
Updated: 9/21/2018
The Plant Cell is Like a Circus
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  • The rough endoplasmic reticulum is like the stage.
  • The mitochondria is like the lights of the circus.
  • The nucleolus is like the choreographer or trainer of the show and of the performers.
  • And a 5,6,7,8!
  • The stage is like the rough ER, as it is the site of production of fun and the experience as well as the what everyone focuses on so that they can experience the full performance, compared the rough ER which is the site for manufacturing/finishing proteins.
  • The protein product is like the fun and experience the audience gets to enjoy.
  • That was incredible!
  • The lights of the are able to work and help keep the show running without any technical difficulties using energy provided by the electrical sources, just as the mitochondria of a cell uses energy produced by the chloroplast, so that the cell can function and not die.
  • The vacuoles are like the backstage carts and prop rooms.
  • The trainer of the performers is responsible for ensuring that everyone is doing what they need to do to give the best experience possible. This is just like the nucleolus, which makes sure the nucleus continues to work to keep the cell functioning.
  • The chloroplasts are like the electricity sources throughout the circus.
  • People leave the circus with an experience of fun, provided by the performers. This is just like protein, which is created by the ribosomes of the cell.
  • Fantastic! What a show!
  • Thank you, and goodnight!
  • The carts and prop rooms store the necessary items for the show. This can be compared to the vacuoles, which store the necessary products to keep the cell functioning.
  • Who stored my silk hat in the same cart with the lion food?
  • The electricity sources provide energy to the circus, and without it, the show wouldn't be able to proceed. This is just like the chloroplast of a cell, which provides food energy for the mitochondria to transform to usable cell energy.
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