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Updated: 8/5/2020
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  • Hi daddy
  • Well, l clarified some doubts l had about the coronavirus
  • Oh well, is better to be informed so as not to make mistakes
  • Hello daughter, how was your day?
  • Hello, l don't need it! you know that l do a lot of exercise, l'm not going to get sick
  • Hello mommy
  • Where were you?
  • Well mommy, remember to desinfect everything so as not to infect us
  • Yes daughter, do not worry
  • Hello my love
  • I was shopping for food
  • Yesterday l saw a video of a girl who was in our same situation, she asked why she could not go to the house of her friend Emma if none was infected and there they would not be with anyone else
  • A specialist answered her and said that it was better that she not go to her friend's house because she could be infected and not know it and that when she went she would touch different surfaces of the house where the virus would be and could infect someone family
  • Yes, he said that it is better to see us somewhere else having the required distance or by video call
  • Yes, l couldn't visit you at home
  • Hello Anna
  • Oh and what happened ?
  • Yes, my parents wouldn't let me, why would it be ?
  • Hello,how good we could see each other
  • Seriously?, l didn't know, my parents were right not to leave me
  • I'm not an expert or anything, but l saw a video and a boy asked that he wouldn't get it because he did a lot of exercise, just like you
  • Mike, how can you say that, that's not true
  • The expert told him that it is very goog to be in good shape, that the coronavirus in most cases affects older people and people with chronic diseases, although unfortunately there have also been cases of young people and in good health who have been infected and have been slow to recover or have not recovered
  • Hi Mike, why don't you have a face mask?!!
  • And what did they answer?
  • I did not know that, now l will be more careful, thanks
  • So, what do you know?
  • Yes, l know but l was informed and they said that hospitals do not have sufficient resources to attend to all people at the same time and that the ideal is to stay at home in order to flatten the curve
  • Hello, lately l have seen that you are going out very often, you should not
  • Hello
  • Oh, l did not know, l will leave from now on only for what is strictly necessary
  • No, that does not matter, after all we will all be infected
  • No, you will not go!!
  • I saw a video of a specialist and someone asked him what you say and he replied saying that it may be that one of your friends is infected and does not know it and so through physical contact you can infect yourself and you come here and infect us
  • Hello Sarita
  • Why?, my friends are not infected
  • Hello sister
  • I will go to play in the park
  • I did not know that, l better stay at home
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