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Juliana Segura
Updated: 11/20/2017
Juliana Segura
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  • Come on guys.MORE MORE
  • The Boston Tea Party. It was an event done to protest against the Tea Act of 1773
  • Proclamation Line of 1763. It was an act that declared that Great Britain would no longer take over Native Americans land
  • I now declare that Great Britain will no longer take over Native American's Land
  • Im not paying taxes on this...
  • The sugar Act. It was an event that took place in 1765. All colonist had to pay taxes on molasses which is a sweet natural liquid
  • Taxes now on everything
  • The Townshend Act. It was an event that placed extra taxes on most popular iteams like Tea, Timber, Coffee and Iron.
  • I'm not paying these stupid taxes
  • The Battle Of Lexington. It was an event that killed 8 and left many injured
  • The American Revolution War.
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