immune system storyboard 2
Updated: 2/23/2021
immune system storyboard 2

Storyboard Text

  • My name is Eosinophil and I produce toxic proteins against certain parasites. My friend Neutrophil helps against bacteria and we are both phagocytic white blood cells.
  • I'm also a white blood cell and my name is Basophil ! I release heparin and histamine to promote inflammation and fever. This helps destroy the cause of infection and limit its effects on our Immune Island.
  • Hello! We are the second line of defense and we are nonspecific team that inhibits and destroys pathogens.
  • Welcome to the third line of defense! My name is B-cell and I produce proteins called antibodies. They are produced against specific and different antigens. I can be found as a plasma or memory cells.
  • My name is t-cell and my job is to target pathogens directly. I provide cellular immunity against bacteria and viruses. I can be found in nature as a helper, memory, cytotoxic, natural, or regulatory t-cell.
  • My name is Natural Immunity and I create an innate resistance to certain illnesses. I create a specific defense response to invasion by foreign organisms, microbes, and substances. I am acquired naturally through antibodies passing from the mother to the fetus via the placenta. I am acquired infection enters and the body produces specialized lymphocytes and antibodies against the target pathogen.
  • My name is Artificial Immunity and I also can be acquired actively or passively. Actively, antigens can be introduced in vaccines which help the body make specific lymphocytes and antibodies. Passively, preformed antibodies in an immune serum can be introduced to the body by injection which lets the body receive antibodies passively