Identity crisis number 2
Updated: 12/2/2020
Identity crisis number 2

Storyboard Text

  • With no time to spare, Zeus gobbled up his wife and daughter in hopes to stop this retched prophecy. Soon after he had an extremely painful headache. It was destroying him physically and mentally, but he had no idea what the cause of it was! His son Hephaestus opened up his head and there laid a baby.
  • This baby grew up to be a noble goddess. Her name was Athena, and incidentally, ended up being Zeus' favourite child. She was born with super intelligence, and was an extremely brave warrior.
  • Athena knew many talents, and taught/shared this to men and women on weaving, crafts, etc.
  • Athena was a very respected person by all, and fought against many gods, goddesses, titans etc. She always reigned supreme, and even defeated the god of war, Ares!