Unknown Story
Updated: 1/15/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The Call to Adventure
  • Crossing the threshold/Meet the Mentor
  • Challenges and Helpers
  • Jason is an ordinary kid who has a mom that has a disease from being bitten by a spider. His mom is receiving her weekly medicine from an old man named Tim who gets it from the mythical forest. Tim is getting old though and won't be able to it for much longer and tells Jason he has to do it from now on.
  • The Ordeal
  • Tim walks Jason to the forest and tells him of the dangerous things that are in the forest and that the medicine is in the heart of the forest. Jason says goodbye and walks into the forest knowing of the dangers that await him.
  • The Reward
  • While walking Jason meets a squirrel, raccoon, and deer that can all talk which scares Jason. They tell him he's walking the wrong way toward the heart of the forest and direct him the right way. They also told him to be careful and ware at all times.
  • The Atonement/The Return
  • Jason is walking when he sees it the heart of the forest. He starts walking to it and all the sudden he falls down a hole an goes underground. When he reaches the bottom he meets a three headed beast and has to fight it. He wins and the beast becomes good and gives Jason a ride back to the top.
  • Jason gets out of the hole and gets the medicine from the heart of the forest. He leaves the forest as a boy who knows that he can overcome the biggest obstacles in life.
  • Jason gets back to the house an gives his mom the medicine she needs to be healed. From that day on he makes friends and is not afraid to take on new obstacles.