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Creation Story
Updated: 11/10/2018
Creation Story
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  • Back in the dawn of early time, there were times of darkness and loneliness. There was one River God by the name of Abianius, who desperately wished for the company of others
  • One day in the midst of his strife he made himself a bride, Adder the Goddess of snakes. Even then he still felt as if he had some purpose greater then his wife. So with this he crafted the first man and woman
  • After some time, the two new residents on settled down on earth and started to try to make a simple living for themselves
  • One day when they were strolling around by the forest by their house, Addder approached them and wanted to show them to a different area of the woods. They were very trusting of her, not knowing her full intentions
  • She tried her best to get the humans to give over their souls, and enraged by this Abianius intervened and stopped his bride from doing that 
  • Angered by the actions of his wife, abianius damned his wife to the under world for eternity, and the only trace of her presence is her snake children slithering across the landscapes
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