Unknown Story
Updated: 2/9/2020
Unknown Story

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  • ya i heard they murdered some one
  • he is a monster
  • ahhhh dont please
  • I want to cry but i am to scared
  • Were you at the drugstore ?
  • yes
  • The cops are outside of steve's cell
  • Dont beat me up i will give u money
  • I wish they knew the real me
  • He wants to cry but it looks weak
  • So who was there with you
  • Steve, osvaldo, Bobo, King
  • I am so scared it wasnt me
  • They are asking about the murder trial
  • Dont give up put ur head up
  • He is depressed and he wishes people knew the real him.
  • They are questioning and asking steve who was with him.
  • They are in court waiting to see what the judge is a going to say.