A mermaid for a day!
Updated: 3/16/2020
A mermaid for a day!

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  • Do you want to explore the mysterious island off the coast!
  • OMG yes it will be really fun!
  • So sad lewis didn't come.
  • One day there were three teenagers sitting at a cafe talking about their birthdays.There names were Emma, Bella, and lewis.Emma and bella asked lewis asked them "do you want to explore the mysterious island off the coast?"lewis responded with "no" he knew it will be dangerous.
  • 3!
  • On the count of three 1,2..
  • The girls didn't listen to lewis they decided to go to the island using Bella's boat.And off they went to the mysterious island where nobody has ever been their before.While on the boat there was a MASSIVE current the girls were scared, but they finally made it safe to the island.
  • AHHHHHHH!!!!
  • Once the girls arrived at the mysterious island they decided top explore it, but while they where exploring Bella fell in to strange hole.Bella yelled at the top of her lungs EMMA HELP ME!, but before Emma could help her she was already in the hole.So Emma jumped in the hole and went looking for Bella.
  • When the girls arrived in the cave they saw a pool of water as clear as crystals, out of no where the water started bubbling millions of bubbles at once.The girls decided to jump in the water, it wouldn't hurt them its just water.Once the girls were in the pool they started to see their legs turn into tails over and over again.
  • The next day, Emma called Bella asking if she wanted to go for a swim.Later Bella came to Emma's house to swim, when the girls put their feet in the pool their faces dropped they couldn't believe what they were seeing, are they hallucinating or is this reality.The girls calmed down afterwards and decided to go for a swim they were having so much fun until Bella turned the pool into a large icy pole.
  • The next morning the girls woke up in shock, remembering what had happened the cave, the tails and freezing the pool into icy poles. When Emma washed her hands she waited to see if she turned into a mermaid, luckily she didn't , all they remembered that they were a mermaid for a day and it was all a fantasy.