Odyssey Book 1/9
Updated: 3/15/2020
Odyssey Book 1/9

Storyboard Text

  • Please let me go, Calypso!
  • In Book 1, Calypso held Odysseus captive for seven years on Ogygia.
  • No Odysseus!
  • Yes sir.
  • You three men must explore the Lotus Eater's island. Report to the ship immediately.
  • In book 9, Odysseus and his crew has been blown off course. They landed on the Land of the Lotus Eaters.
  • You fools! I told you to report back to the ship immediately! You shouldn't have eaten those flowers!
  • Odysseus! We don't want to leave!
  • Your foolishness is unacceptable! I even had to drag you back to the ship!
  • I wonder what's on the Land of the Cyclops. Let's stop by there first! I will take 12 of you men to go down and the rest shall stay here on the ship. We will also be taking the wine.
  • Uh oh.
  • Odysseus and his crew landed on the Land of the Cyclops out of curiosity.
  • We will now enter this Cyclops' cave. Be careful.