Odyssey Book 1/9
Updated: 3/15/2020
Odyssey Book 1/9

Storyboard Text

  • Men! Take all the cheese! Hurry! The Cyclops is coming!
  • Oh no! He blocked the doorway!
  • Nohbody! Nohbody is killing me!
  • Fools! How dare you enter my cave?
  • Alas, good news! It's an olive tree! We can use it to defeat the Cyclops by making a spear.
  • Here Cyclops, have some more wine.
  • Odysseus uses the wine from Maron to get the Cyclops drunk. This gives them time to sharpen the olive log.
  • The wine made Polyphemus fall fast asleep. During his nap, Odysseus and his men took the chance to drive a spear in his eye.
  • Polyphemus! Who is hurting you?
  • Odysseus came up with the idea to hide under the rams because later on, Polyphemus will release the rams to pasture.
  • Quick! Men! hide under the rams now! Don't let Polyphemus catch you.