Book Project
Updated: 2/25/2021
Book Project

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  • They say war was terrible, that only few survived. That's way our founders divided us into five factions. Amity the kind , Candor the honest, Abnegation the selfless, Dauntless the brave, and Erudite the intelligent.
  • I am Abnegation, we are also called stiffs, because we show almost no emotion.I am on the front on the very right. my brother Caleb is the one giving his seat to an old man, he is a natural at being in Abnegation. Today we are going to see what faction we belong in.
  • A woman named Tori sat me down, and gave me a serum so she can see what is going on inside my brain during the test.
  • First I see a basket of cheese and a sword, confused I don't choose to pick up one. A big dog appears I remember to stay calm, because dogs smell fear.Next it is chasing after a little girl, so I run after it and jump on it.
  • Next I am on a bus, there is an old man sitting there reading the paper. He asks me if I know the man on the paper, although he does look familiar, I say no. The man calls me a liar and we start yelling.
  • Brutal Murder Caught!
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  • Tori tells me that I had more than one faction; she said it's really rare and I can't tell anyone.I am called a Divergent.Tomorrow I can choose between Dauntless, Erudite, and Abnegation.
  • Now it is time for me to decide what I am going to be, this is a big moment. Who do I want to be? Brave. I am Dauntless. I choose Dauntless
  • The Dauntless take me- as long with all the others, to a building to JUMP OFF OF. They ask us who is going first. So I jump.