Lord of the Flies, Chapter 11: Castle Rock

Updated: 2/19/2019
Lord of the Flies, Chapter 11: Castle Rock

Storyboard Text

  • In the morning, Ralph calls for an assembly with his group. They plan on going to Castle Rock to ask for Piggy's glasses back. They keep their clothes on to remind Jack's group that they are not savages.
  • Ralph calls Jack a thief and they start attacking each other with their spears. Ralph demands Jack to give back Piggy's glasses and mentions the importance of the signal fire. Jack orders his hunters to tie up SamnEric. Ralph and Jack fight once more, and Piggy holds up the conch to remind them that it is better to be civilized.
  • Roger pushes a boulder down the mountainside. Ralph dodges it, but Piggy gets struck and falls to his death over the cliff. The boulder shattered the conch into thousands of pieces. Jack and his group throw their spears at Ralph to try and kill him. Ralph runs into the forest and hides in the foliage. Back at the fort, Jack pokes Sam with his spear to terrorize the twins into joining his group.