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Batman Storyboard
Updated: 2/24/2019
Batman Storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • Seperation (Intro to the Hero's world, Call to action)
  • Initiation (Crossing the threshold, Mentor teaches the hero)
  • Initiation (First challenge)
  • The man painted like clown and named Joker stole thousands  of money from the bank in Gotham City. "Agent of Chaos" started to collapse citizens' peace. On the other hand, the man named Bruce Wayne is protecting the city with hiding from public as Batman. "I do not need help." He caught Joker in his sight.
  • Initiation (Temptation)
  • Gotham City had a  grave and humongous problem about "Gamble". Representative Harvey Dent wanted to solve but Police James Gordon wanted to avoid the moment. Therefor there was difference between Harvey and Gordon. Joker tried to use that situation to break Gotham City. In addition Bruce's old friend Rachel Dawes told him she wants to make great city without Batman.
  • Initiation (Dark moment)
  • One day a party was held by Bruce to support Harvey but Joker appeared at there. Joker caught Rachel who is friend with Bruce but also Harvey's girlfriend . Bruce changed to Batman and he was able to save her but Joker found "Batman's weakness".
  • Initiation, Return (Final battle, Return home)
  • Joker appeared in front of Batman again and tried to kill Mayor. However Harvey protected him instead of Batman. He lied " I am the Batman." Joker tried to break Gotham City's peace with incalculable incidents. All of the citizen were needed to have right sense of decision by themselves.
  • Harvey and Rachel were caught by Joker's strategies. Batman had to choose which person he is going to save. He chose Harvey instead of Rachel even he loved her. Unfortunately they lost Rachel. After, Harvey became "2-face" which means his personality was changed because of Rachel's death and he was shocked. He started to get revenge on people who related with Rachel's death
  • Finally, Batman succeed in arresting Joker without kill him. In addition Harvey tried to take Gordon's peace away with killing his family because they are the most important thing for Gordon. However Batman was saved them and Harvey was died.  To keep Harvey's achievement that he used to guide Gotham City to peaceful, Batman sacrificed himself and he is pointed out by citizen. Otherwise he continues to protect the city as a "Dark Knight".
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