The God of Ash 2: The Fall of Hades
Updated: 1/19/2019
The God of Ash 2: The Fall of Hades

Storyboard Text

  • !!!!!!
  • SLASH!!!
  • 2. Hades: N- No ho- HOW!!!
  • 1. Aren: Ha Got ya!!!!!
  • 4. Ha!!! I knew they could beat you!!
  • 2. Finally we defeated you!!!!
  • 1. Imp- IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!
  • 3. Well he tried but he obviously couldn't beat us
  • 3. Athena that is something you do not need to know
  • 1. Wow I thought this guy only wanted your throne Ares not destroy the whole city
  • 2. These buildings and homes will be easy to rebuild. Oh and Ares why did Hades go after you
  • ??????
  • 2. Yes but I wasn't able to defeat Hades without the help of Ares and Athena
  • 1. So you defeated Hades? Good job I always wanted to shut that guy up about complaining about not having a throne
  • Aren, Athena, And Ares were able to stop Hades, well Ares wasn't much help
  • Adventures of Aren
  • HELP ME!!!!!
  • Hades didn't only try to beat Ares but he also destroyed Athens!!!
  • END
  • Aren is now granted immortality by Zeus and is the god of ash
  • 4. God of?? GOD OF ASH!!!
  • 5. You are now Immortal and the God of Ash
  • 3. Ok now you are granted immortal and the god of hmmm?? god of what??
  • After Aren defeated Hades he went on many quests and adventures like fighting many monsters like the Hydra
  • HAAAAAA!!!
  • The End for now...
  • 1. And that is how I became the god of Ash, became immortal, and saved Ares from Hades and stop Hades from taking his throne.
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