RE cartoon strip

Updated: 5/19/2020
RE cartoon strip

Storyboard Text

  • Hey, do you believe in God, because I do?
  • Let's go talk inside.
  • No, I'm an atheist, I don't believe in God.
  • There's so many reasons to believe in God like the Argument from Miracles. Lots of miracles have happened like Jesus turning water into wine or Chrissy Gibson surviving cancer. There is no other possible natural explanation so God had to have done it.
  • Wow! For the Chrissy Gibson example, didnt the doctors play a role in helping cure her?
  • The Big Bang Theory means there is no need for God and we exist from mere chance not the fine tuning of God.
  • What if God was behind the Big Bang Theory and the fine tuning of our universe?
  • The Design Argument states how we are so perfectly fine tuned for this world that we must have a designer and that designer is God.
  • We are so perfect through natural selection not through God and as Richard Dawkins stated, "The living results of natural selection... impress us with the illusion of design".
  • Revelations show that God exists because He is helping people change from sinners to good people. He even helped change the leader of the notorious 'Mau Mau' gang (Nicky Cruz) into someone good.
  • Revelation could be from temporal lobe epilepsy like Ellen G. White, who only had 'revelations' after a head injury.
  • God may allow evil to exist, to help distinguish the good people from the evil.
  • God can't exist because if He really has all the qualities people says he has than why is there evil in the world?