Native American Storyboard

Updated: 8/27/2020
Native American Storyboard

Storyboard Description

This is a storyboard that can give a very simple introduction to the topic of Native American settlements and cultures.

Storyboard Text

  • This is a Native American, settlement. These peoples are also commonly refered to as Indians, or American Indians.
  • Any culturaly insensitive or inaccurate statements made in this presentation is purely accidental.
  • For example, some had permanent or semi-permanenet settlements such as this wigwam, while others were more nomadic and therefore made buildings that are easier to move, such as the tepee from the last picture.
  • There were many different groups, or tribes, among the Native Americans. These different groups were vastly different from one another in many ways
  • Some of the more permanent settlements developed agricultural abilities, such as farming and raising animals.
  • The other groups typically stayed with hunting and foraging.