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Updated: 2/14/2020
Uglies Storyboard

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  • Squint! You need to get out of here. Go to the roof and grab a bungee jacket.
  • Peris! It's me, I was going to wait but you never wrote me back.
  • Elevator
  • I'm sorry.
  • Oh, phew. Hey, that's okay. I must have scared you too.
  • I am leaving and I am going to go live with David. I want you to come with me.
  • I am not going. Just be safe Shay.
  • Tally went into new pretty town to see Peris wearing a pig mask. She got noticed so she had to get out of Garbo Mansion.
  • I am Dr. Cable. You need to tell us about your friend before you can get the operation done.
  • I am going to get my operation done.
  • I can't, I made a promise.
  • After Tally escapes from the mansion she hides in a bush. She meets a girl named Shay and she is ugly too.
  • You need to help special circumstances so that this will all end.
  • Okay, I will think about it.
  • (Room) Reply from Dr.Cable, car will be sent for you.
  • Message Dr. Cable, I'll do what you want but I need to sleep.
  • Shay wants Tally to go with her and go live outside of the city with David. Tally wants to stay so she can be pretty.
  • We need you to go now, we are 4 days behind schedule.
  • Then you will be ugly forever.
  • I can't, I am too tired.
  • Tally goes to get the operation done and turn pretty but they won't let her until she tells them about Shay. She doesn't want to because she made a promise.
  • Okay, you can die ugly for all I care.
  • Tally's parents comfort her while she is still ugly. They tell her that she should just tell them what she knows and be done with it.After talking to Peris she messages Dr. Cable and says that she will do what so wants.
  • Later
  • No!
  • Tally goes to Dr. Cable and tells her what she knows about Shay, the Smoke, and David. Dr. Cable tells her that she has to leave right now but Tally is tired. She then shows Tally what she looks like and Tally says she will do it.
  • Okay, I will do it.