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ELA reading book final
Updated: 9/20/2018
ELA reading book final
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  • Exposition
  • DIE MOGS!!!!
  • Conflict
  • Six, You Have to get out of there, setakus Ra is coming for the Temple!! NO DONT FIGHT HIM!!
  • Yo, Six wants to talk...
  • Rising action
  • Find them, keep them occupied, while I go and get the machine, for what we came here for
  • Go!, now, we must keep Ella and the Entity safe from Setakus Ra
  • SIx, didnt Ella warn us?!! its now or never I guess
  • The story starts off by starting where the last book ended. All of the characters are introduced already but the Exposition sets the time place and what was happening. The Garde is in the middle of battling and protecting earth from Mogoriens.
  • Climax
  • Before John and his group arrived at the safe area, he had a telepathic talk with Ella, who was captured by the Mogs, and was told that Setrakus Ra was flying to the Lorien temple that Six's group was at, so John called them, and warned not to fight.
  • Falling Action
  • She isn't Garde. She's not like us
  • you should just go for it, she likes you. Eneryone knows it.
  • This is wrong, Setrakus. this looks... it looks like you've defiled our world. we aren't gods you know...
  • Six somehow purswaded the others to fight with her, the next chapters was John and Six switching narrators and in more detail what there plans were to stop Setrakus Ra. In this scene, six and her group was about to ambush Setrakus Ra and get Ella back, and or steal his ship.
  • Resolution
  • I warned him... I warned you all what would happen.
  • The fight with Setrakus Ra finally goes down. Six and her group almost killed Setrakus, but then Ella, in some sort of a trance steps in to Pure Loric energy. That is what Setrakus wanted, to do what? we do not know yet. And Ella dies, but then her mind goes into the Pure Loric energy and she gathers everyone who was affected with the blue energy. 
  • You don't get to win, Grandfather. Good bye.
  • Ella, what are you doing!!?? Get away!
  • Time to kill you Setrakus... what, ELLA what are you doing!?
  • to the left. After Ella takes everyone mind, the Loric energy and her shows them a flash back of when Setrakus Ra and Pittacus Lore, Lorien's ruling elder, when they were young.  To the right. the energy speeds ahead to when they are adults, and show them fighting about augmenting people to give them powers.
  • Think of what we could do, how strong Lorien could be! It was a dream of turning people in to Garde.
  • Six hurt Setrakus Ra after the flash back, but had to retreat. while doing that, Sarah, John's girlfriend, gets cut bad. they are now sitting in a Lorien ship, being chased be Setrakus's mother ship. The author sets up for the next book.
  • No... not now...
  • `on the phone with john` Promise me, John...promise me you'll keep fighting...
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