Social Contract
Updated: 9/23/2018
Social Contract
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  • (Hobbs) What are your thoughts on the state of nature, because I believe that everyone should be free, but would take advantage of one another.
  • (Montesquieu) In the state of nature, everybody would be to fearful, that they would avoid violence and war.
  • (Rousseau) I say that men are free, happy, and peaceful, until they own property and it changes to murder and all out war for more property.
  • (Locke) Like what Rousseau thinks, I believe that all are equal, until they own land, and it turns into a competition for more property.
  • (Locke) What do you think about the "Contract" between a leader and his people, because I believe that rights should be regulated to ensure the safety of Life, Liberty, and Property.
  • (Hobbs) I think that citizens should be protected in exchange for some rights.
  • (Montesquieu) There should be 3 branches of government (Legislative, Executive, and Judicial) that have equal power, and that there should be checks and balances.
  • (Rousseau) The minority should rule through the majority.
  • (Rousseau) What do you think about the rights of the citizens, as I believe that rights should be granted or removed by the majority (general will)
  • (Locke) I think that rights should be inherent, and that the government can be overthrown if they try to take away rights.
  • (Montesquieu) I partially agree with Locke that rights should be inherent, but they should be protected by the government through checks and balances.
  • (Hobbs) Rights are privileges that should be granted.
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