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pt 3
Updated: 2/20/2020
pt 3
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  • Yes, those clothes are the best! But, gentle Nurse, as I hope you will let me be alone tonight. I need to say prayers in order to convince the heavens to bless myself.
  • No. We have picked the best of the best for me to wear at the ceremony tomorrow. So, if it’s okay with you, please leave me be. I am sure your hands are full getting ready for this marriage.
  • Okay, good night then.
  • What, are you busy? Need my help?
  • Farewell, until we meet again. I feel a frigid fear tingling in my veins. As it is almost freezing the heat of entity. I'll call them back into the room again to comfort me. Nurse? Oh, what good could she do? I must carry out this by myself. Come to me, vial.
  • What if this mixture doesn't work? If so, will I get married tomorrow morning? No, this knife will stop that from happening. I'll put you down there...
  • What if the friar wanted to kill me? Is he afraid that he would be disgraced by marrying me to Paris because he married me to Romeo first? That's what I'm scared of—and yet, I think that's not it. But what if I wake up before Romeo is supposed to come to get me? I will feel stifled in that vault—where no air gets in—and die before Romeo arrives? Or, if I live, I have a bad feeling that I will go insane. There's no place as creepy as a vault, an old place where my ancestors' bones have been under the ground.
  • Alas, alas! Is it not likely that I, waking up early—what with the putrid smells and the sobs, making mortals go crazy after hearing them—will also go insane? If I do wake up in there, will I not be distraught, surrounded with all these fears? Will I go crazy, and play with my forefathers' bones, and take Tybalt's injured corpse out? I think I see my cousin's ghost searching for Romeo, who killed him with a sword, staking him like a piece of meat! Wait, Tybalt, wait! Romeo... I shall drink for you.
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