Spooky hill drama story board pitch

Updated: 5/19/2020
Spooky hill drama story board pitch

Storyboard Text

  • James Tindell (Left) is at Luke Horsham (Right) house, They are about to go out to meet their other mates on the basketball gates.
  • James asks Luke where the others were but neither of them have their phones to find out.
  • The boys hear what sounds like their friend's voice shouting for help from the abandoned house on the hill, the boys and their mates had always known the place as spooky hill. The house was on the cliffs and was abandoned as it had started o slide of the cliff.
  • The shouts get louder as the boys get closer, the boys had read enough mystery books to know that if they went straight up to the front door if their mates were in trouble they would soon be in the same situation as them.
  • Luke and James find their mates tied up in a room.
  • They manage to escape but it takes a long time as the men who had tied up their mates returned so had to sneak out the back and walk along the beach. They got back to James' house around