Defense Mechanism

Updated: 3/7/2021
Defense Mechanism

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  • Denial- This defense mechanism is used to block external stimuli, individuals who cannot admit or face reality face 'denial'. Many people go into denial to prevent themselves from getting hurt.
  • I want a divorce
  • But we are still in love, we can work it out. Plus WE WERE ON A BRAKE.
  • Projection- This defense mechanism is an individual's unacceptable thoughts and attributes protruding onto another person. This can reduce anxiety.
  • NO , i'm going to beat you.
  • Im going to defeat you, you are so bad im going to domlish you in this game.
  • Sublimation- This defense mechanism is an individual converting unacceptable behaviors or notions into more acceptable behaviors.
  • I wanted to punch my coworker today but i knew i would get in trouble so thats why im here.