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Navigation Acts
Updated: 8/31/2020
Navigation Acts
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  • I would like to declare that the English Parliament and I have decided to pass a series of laws known as the Navigation Acts.
  • Why has Parliament passed these acts?
  • Well, you know England. Always wanting to economically benefit when they can. Hopefully these acts will help us colonists as well!
  • Hey man, are you an English-born sailor?
  • I'm sorry, but I can't have you on this ship.
  • Uh, no.
  • Partly due to demand by merchants, Parliament passed the Navigation Acts, which regulated maritime shipping and commerce between the colonies and the British.
  • Oh my, I cannot believe this Molasses Act. I am going to go broke!
  • Haha! England shall not.
  • England was already known for enforcing mercantile legislation on its colonists, therefore, they knew the Navigation Acts would be a good way to increase their colonial revenue and maintain control over maritime commerce.
  • Wow, I love what these Navigation Acts have done for us. What a steal!
  • An Act for the Encouraging and Increasing of Shipping and Navigation prevented sailing crews from having more than 25% of people not be English-born.
  • We absolutely hate these acts! We have no representation, and our dear merchants are suffering!
  • The Molasses Act of 1733 made it hard for colonists to buy molasses from the French West Indies due to the harsh import tax, leaving them to have to buy the more expensive cane sugar from the British West Indies. This largely increased English revenue, while hurting the colonists financially.
  • In England, there were many advantages and benefits from the Navigation Acts, such as economic prosperity, the growth of cities due to commerce, and a strong Royal Navy which helped England have a big part in maritime trade.
  • In the colonies, the reactions to the Navigation Acts were much different, as the colonists felt unfairness. They did not think they were being represented in Parliament, while
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