atoms theories
Updated: 5/1/2020
atoms theories

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science task

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  • at about 400 B.C Democritus said that he thinks that all matteris made up of tiny hard/uncuttable called atomos which are now called atoms
  • hi im Democritus and i believe that all matter is made out of tiny and hard particles called atoms
  • In 1808 John Dalton created the first ever atomic theory. the theorywas that atoms were invisible and indestructible
  • i think that atoms are invisible and indestructible
  • in 1869 Dimitri Mandeleev created the periodic table using the Mandeleev theory. he did it by arranging 63 elemts by atomic mass into the periodic table
  • im going to arrange 63 elements by atomic mass and call it the periodic table
  • in 1897 jj Thomsom found out there are negatively charged particles which he called corpuscles but are now called electrons
  • i found out there are negatively charged particles
  • in 1910 Ernest Rutherford did the gold foil experiment and also proved jj Thomson plum pudding theory wrong . he finished by saying the atom has a small, dense positively charged nucleus in the centre of the atom that is surrounded by negatively charged electrons
  • i found out that in the experiment most of the particles go through the the gold. the atom has a dense center called a nucleus
  • in 1932 James Chadwick discovered nuetrons inside thenucleus
  • i discovered neutrons in the nucleus