brown vs education
Updated: 2/11/2021
brown vs education

Storyboard Text

  • White only
  • Segragated schools
  • Black Only
  • In the court room
  • Outcome
  • Back in the olden days school's were separated by the color of your skin. If you were white you strictly went to school with only white people. if you were a person of color same goes for you. The education in all black schools wasn't looked at as important.
  • The decision made on May 17th, 1954 was to change the future for the better. The verdict was by segregating schools you were diminishing the 14th amendment. They decided to proceed with desegregation.
  • Fast forward to the year 2021. We have black history month. Everyone is treated as equals. We also have had a black president. Everyone lives in cohesion. No race is superior than the other.