The Curse

Updated: 6/18/2021
The Curse

Storyboard Text

  • look theres terry. i wonder what he will do to us today
  • Ya i wonder. thats the first time i seen him were black and red 
  • This is terry he is mean and rude to Kadin and Ethan. Kadin wishes for terry not to be mean t him
  • Hi to you to Buddy
  • What now.
  • 1.I wish terry wasn't so rude. he always makes my day so bad. i wish he wasn't mean to me anymore.
  • guys aren't worth it anyways 
  • 2.Hey Kadin. you look ugly today. you should change your style its really bad. 
  • Don't hi buddy me
  • 3.Hey Ethan stop being so mean to Kadin and pick on someone your on size.
  • 3.Because he is usually nice and our usually mean, And why are you being so nice, Did you hit your head again. 
  • 5.OMG. never mind, I'm gong home this has bin to long of a day.
  • 1.what is happining. why is he so mad, thats honestly not normal
  • 2.yeah thats very weird, why is it weird again Kadin.
  • 4.What are you talking about.