IRB Project 4
Updated: 5/16/2019
IRB Project 4

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  • Summary
  • LOVE The love the characters have for each other because family is always important.
  • DEATH The death in the family honestly makes the family closer and makes the characters realize that life is short, don't take advantage of it.
  • LIFE The life the characters go through together is confusing and difficult but at the end of the book, they all come together and are happy.
  • Theme
  • Life Keeps Going, I Promise.
  • Life Is Hard, Everything Hurts. :(
  • :)
  • Mood
  • "Stay With Me" by Garret Freymann-Weyr is a book about love, life, and death. The main character, Leila is 16 with 2 half-sisters at the beginning of the book, but at the end of the book, she is left with 1, due to suicide. The book is very moving, and at times tragic but also happy. The family lives in New York, right after 911 happened and the family is grieving with the city along with the tragic death in the family. Leila is on a mission to know if anyone caused her sister to commit suicide while trying to figure it out she meets an older guy who she falls for and begins getting close to. After searching for answers Leila begins to understand that the story that matters might not be the one that led up to Rebebba killing herself, it's the story that is still happening.
  • Tone
  • I think the theme of the book is that life keeps going even when you think it can't. Claire and Leila were devasted when their sister died and kept questioning why would she do this to us and how could she do this. Rebecca's father is so hurt as well because he obviously never wanted to this happen to any of his daughters because he feels like he failed her as a parent. The theme is that just because something really hard is happening, you just have to push through because things will get better. "Go have a good time, those days are rapidly ending" (297). Leila's dad says this to her before she goes and hangs out with the guy she met and this supports the theme that life keeps going even when you think it can't because Leila was really hurt earlier in the story and now she is going and having fun with the guy she likes a lot.
  • Character Analyist
  • A mood that can be described in the text could be anxious. I think anxious represent parts of the story because reading what Leila is saying and thinking all the time and trying to figure out what happens to her sister makes the reader want to keep reading and makes them anxious. Another mood that can be described throughout the story is lonely. I think lonely is a big mood in the story because after Leila and her boyfriend break up she is lonely and Rebecca was lonely and sad and that is part of the reason she committed suicide and Leila's dad is lonely after his daughter killed herself and I just think lonely is a big mood throughout the story. "At which point he covers his face with his hands and starts to cry" (18). I think this represents the theme of lonely because Leila's dad is finding out that his daughter just killed herself, and he is breaking down because he just lost his daughter to suicide.
  • Important Event
  • Sympathetic is a tone in the story that is noticed a lot because when Leila is talking to Clare and her father, she is sympathetic towards them because she knows they are grieving the loss of Rebecca. Overall I think the book has an optimistic tone to it because they just try to seek the good in situations even though sometimes the book may be pessimistic. "It's nice, that you can both do this. Have me, you know" (63). This quote supports the sympathetic tone because Leila is talking to Clare and her ex-boyfriend that she is grateful that they can get along well enough to have her stay with them while her parents are in another country.
  • Leila is the main character in the book and I think she is a dynamic character because she undergoes an important inner change and she grows throughout the book because at the beginning she was a normal teenager and by the end of the book she becomes a young adult with a new way of thinking about things. I personally like Leila because she is a realist and she is mature for her age and she kind of reminds me of myself. "I don't know if this cpunts as preparing, but I find myself forming a new picture of how I'll wind up" (277). This quote shows that Leila has changed because she is realizing that her views and thoughts have changed since the beginning of the book.
  • I think a really important event in the story was when Leila was working at the coffee shop and the guy she liked (name) was there and she was trying to figure out who this mysterious guy was in her sister, Rebecca's life and she went up to him and when she looked at him she just passed out. From there on she knew that guy who was sitting there had something to do with her sister's death and sever since that moment she was determined to figure out what he had to do with her family.
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