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Updated: 5/12/2020
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  • The Colombian Exchange was the merging of the New and Old world, through crops, animals, people, and disease. (Took place on the Atlantic) The Atlantic slave trade was boosted because of an increase in the demand for labor. Syncretism was also a major role of the Colombian Exchange.
  • As seen above, one of the few labor systems used to get the indigenous people and laborers from West Africa to work for the Spanish. The Econmienda system is seen above and was used to make the people work and in turn they were guaranteed protection, unfortunately the people did not buy the incentive. The Mi'ta system was a more successful system adopted from the Incas and made the laborers work a few times a year for the Spanish.
  • GET TO WORK!You owe us for protecting you from outsiders!
  • Yes sir! I'm on my way to notify all the merchants
  • During this period European nations and China believed mercantilism showed the measure of power each nation had. The way to ensure the nation would be receiving more gold or silver, their exports had to be greater than what they're importing.
  • Gold and silver is in! I order you to contact all areas willing to trade for gold and silver!!!
  • When the West and the East merged, there were many social issues arising. Many of the settlers decided to have children with the indigenous, creating a system based on color, with the pure blood Europeans at the top of the Casta system (Peninsulares) . The social divide between the people in the New world led to a new inspiration of paintings called the casta paintings, which depicted the different lives of each social class and the blending of races that ultimately broke the casta system
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