Interview with a framer

Updated: 9/11/2020
Interview with a framer

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  • Hello, this is Howard Renollet with the Philadelphia Inquire and I'm here with John Blair from Williamsburg, VA and he sides with Virginia about everything.
  • Now, John Blair, Did you sign the Declaration of Independence or the Revolutionary War at all?
  • I signed the constitution and the Virginia Association to abandon British goods from being imported.
  • Are you a federalist or an anti-federalist and why?
  • I am apart of the federalist party because I agree with the government and the ideas they have
  • What is your point of view of the Articles of Confederation? What is the best type of government?
  • I don't have an opinion or belief about the Articles of Confederation and I don't have a view on the best form of government and I side with the majority of the votes
  • Does the Constitution need a Bill of Rights, or are our natural rights sufficiently covered by the new constitution?
  • I think that the constitution needs a bill of rights.
  • John Blair is wiling to compromise his beliefs for the best of government because he always votes for whatever has the majority of votes. He never really has an opinion of his own.