Updated: 3/29/2020

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  • 1933
  • Navarro
  • 1933
  • 1933
  • HELP!!
  • On January 30, Hitler rose to power and became chancellor of a coalition government, where The National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazi) have a third of the seats in the Reichstag.
  • 1933
  • SHOP
  • Navarro joined the Hitler Youth and was on his first summer camp. The youths took part in typical scouting type activities like camping trips, singing, crafts and hiking. They wore uniforms, recited pledges and told stories over campfires.
  • 1935
  • Navarro and his buddies
  • On the next day, Navarro was told to gather resources by himself. However, he got hurt when a tree branch fell on him but luckily a boy named Alexander came to help him. Navarro was very grateful towards him.
  • 1936
  • The Hitler Youth Law will make it a mandatory for youths to join Hitler Youth.
  • Navarro met with Alexander after his camp and learnt that he is a Jewish. Navarro was not bothered by it as Alexander saved his life. They soon became best friends.
  • Hitler Youth became more of a mini military than a Boy Scout Den. Military-like order was imposed on members and young men was trained in everything from weapons to survival. Scouting activities were also banned.
  • On December 1, it became compulsory for all eligible youths, age 10 to 18, to join the Hitler Youth and Hitler Youth changed from a party to a state organisation.
  • Baldur von Schirach