Culminating project part 2
Updated: 12/13/2020
Culminating project part 2

Storyboard Text

  • It is important to keep our bodies healthy because it comes with several benefits!
  • Physical Wellness
  • Source: Module 2 lessons 1-3
  • Physical WellnessHow often do I exercise? What's my diet like? Am I eating healthy? These are questions that you should ask yourself regularly. Physical wellness is the balance of physical activity, and a well balanced diet, these factors play an essential part in our total wellness.
  • Why should I exercise?There are several benefits to having good physical wellness such as: An increase in life expectancy Gain confidenceGain strengthMaintains healthy and strong bonesImproves sleep
  • Body CompositionFlexibilityMuscular EnduranceMuscular Strength\Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Five Components of Physical Activity
  • SMART GoalsGoals are important in having good physical wellness. They keep you focused and motivated to help you reach a desired outcome. You should create a SMART goal to help you on your physical activity journey.
  • What is a SMART Goal?A SMART goal is a goal that outlined by these 5 things: Specific- Make sure you know what you want.Measurable- You need your goal to be measurable so you can track progress.Achievable- Make sure to put a number on your goal that you can achieve, not too high, and not too low. Relevant- Make sure it is important to you.Time-related- Make a deadline for yourself to push yourself and motivate you to reach your goal under a time-frame.
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