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The return of the Demon.
Updated: 3/14/2020
The return of the Demon.
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Storyboard Description

3 friends move into their new house all together, while they're there one of them notice some strange and suspicious activity in the house but choose to ignore it and brush it off as nothing. Little do they know there is a secret visitor in their house that was not given an invitation.

Storyboard Text

  • Oh my gosh! I love the new house, good pick!
  • Haha, thanks guys.
  • Yeah I agree with what she said.
  • Huh? What just happened that last thing I remember that I was in my bed, asleep.
  • I can kind of see it from here.
  • Wait! Do you guys see a dark shadow down the hall? Or is it just me?
  • 3 friends move into their new house all together, they're all so excited and have dreamt about this moment ever since they met in preschool. After moving in they finally have come to the conclusion that they are getting a little tired now.
  • Well hello, new people have moved in I see, how are you guys enjoying your stay? It's going to be very simple as long as you listen to my tasks I have for you guys to do if you don't complete them you face the consequences.
  • They say there goodnights to each other and call it a day. But one of them notice some strange activity in the house but they just brushed it off and assumed it was nothing.
  • Suddenly they all here a "BANG!" and wake up in confusion of what the noise was. But the only issue was they were not in their home anymore it looked something you imagine Hell to look like. A place no one would like to go.
  • Well that was a very eventful day, don't you agree?
  • Agreed! Couldn't have thought of a better option, haha!
  • Next time we let John pick a house, Laila and I are doing research and background checks about the house. Do we all agree on that?
  • This demon looking creature almost as tall as a giraffe had "welcomed" them. All three of them were in shock and scared for their life. The demon gave them three tasks, one for each of them to complete. Once all of them had completed those task they could be set free and had to sell the house and never return until a new buyer purchased the house.
  • Why do you have us here? Let us go!
  • They all rush off and complete their given task, they panic in fear that they won't be able to finish it in time and will never leave this place. As the demon watches over them and watch their sweet, precious time crumble.
  • The demon was in complete shock that they made it out, the demon gave up to his promise and set them free they all agreed to sell the house and never return. Until their next victim arrived.
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