Romelus and Remus
Updated: 4/22/2020
Romelus and Remus
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  • you are getting banished your going to the temple of mar the god of war
  • The Evil Prince Amulius dethroned his brother from the throne and banished Princess Siliva to the Temple of Mars the God of War where Siliva fell in love with Mars. Mars and Silvia had twin sons who they named Romulus and Remus
  • The Evil Amulius heard of the news and sent two of his servants to kidnap the twins and drown them in the River. The Servants placed the twins in the river and then the two men went back and told Prince Amulius that the Twins were dead but they weren't.
  • The boys drifted in the River until they ended up in some reeds, were they were found by a She-Wolf. The Twins were raised by the She-Wolf and per pack. Once they were grown boys they ventured far and wide and were seen by a Sheppard. The Sheppard followed the Twins and took them home to be raised by him and his wife.
  • The Boys grew up and ambused thieves and returned the goods to the rightful owners. The story spread of the boys good deeds and their Grandfather Numitor heard the Twins were alive and well. He told the boys of the terrible story about them and why they should take back the throne.
  • The boys returned home and worked out a plan to dethrone Prince Amulius and save their Mother Princess Silvia. To celebrate the boys victory they planned a city on the banks of the Tible River where they were found by the She-Wolf.
  • The Boys could not agree on the name of the City and Romulus killed Remus and named the city Rome. Romulus in time became King and when he died they called him Aquarimus and became a noble god of war.
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