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Buddhism Story Board
Updated: 1/10/2020
Buddhism Story Board
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  • Buddhism started in India around 500 B.C and was started by a man named Siddhartha (Buddha). Buddhism started because Siddhartha as a kid always wondered why people suffered so much and he hated to see people so sad all of the time. A holy man believed and told Siddhartha's dad that Buddha would be a spiritual leader. 29 years later Buddha made the religion Buddhism and started to teach people about it. Buddha convinced people that they should follow a path to seek light in their life. This was called " Middle way". The Middle Way path was a way for people to see what life was all about and to make them feel happy. Buddha left his castle to help others who were sick or needed help. Once Buddha started to teach Buddhism, the religion started to spread from different regions. This happened because when all of the merchants went to trade , they taught people the teachings and ways of Buddhism. Eventually the religion spread to Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, and China. Buddha taught the " Four - Noble Truths" to help people end their suffering so sooner or later they can reach Nirvana. Buddhism is a polytheistic religion because people only believed in Buddha and not any other God. Buddha taught Buddhism because he wanted others to be enlightened and be happy. Buddha also taught people that when you do something good , something will pay you back in return and that is called Karma. He also taught that when you do something bad you won't get anything back in return this is called Dharma. Buddha then later died and until this day people still follow his religion and they still praise the great lord Buddha.
  • Buddhism started in 500 B.C, In India . Buddhism started because, Prince Siddhartha saw that people were suffering and he thought that maybe he could help them. So he started the polytheistic religion Buddhism. Buddha started to teach them about the "Eight-Fold Path" which helped pepeople enlighten themselves to make them a better person. He also taught the " Four-Noble Truths" which ends the suffering of someone and helps them reach Nirvana.
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  • Buddhism is connected to Hinduism because, for example the goal for Hindu's was to leave/avoid death. They wanted to escape to the bad and go to the good. They wanted to go to heaven happy and live their best life up their. Buddhism is similar because,Buddhaalways wondered why people suffered in life. So he wanted to do something about it to help people be happy. He wanted people to escape their suffering. He taught them that life is important and you should be happy. He also didn't want them to die either.
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  • Buddhism spread because, merchants would go and trade to different regions of the world. The merchants would teach people buddhism and buddha's teachings. Buddhism also spread because of missionaries and monks. Buddhism spread to China, Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Buddhism has spread through out many more regions around the world those are just some of the main places othe religion spread across.
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