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Health Behavior
Updated: 11/14/2019
Health Behavior
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  • Identify
  • Susan, you need to wake up! You have school in ten minutes!
  • Access
  • How to get better sleep:exercise regularlytake less napsdon't eat right before bed.
  • Practice
  • Time to workout!
  • Susan's been staying up late at night, leaving her groggy in the mornings. She's decided that instead of getting five hours of sleep each night, she's going to try to go to bed earlier.
  • Explain
  • You're grounded!
  • Susan researched how much sleep she needs and how she can get better sleep. She determined that she should try to get at least nine hours of sleep, and to do that, she needs regular exercise. She will use melatonin supplements and go to the gym. (,
  • Assess
  • An A+!
  • Susan determined that the best way to achieve her goal is to exercise, eat well, and cope with her stress effectively. She will also use her technology less, avoid smoking and drinking, and stop taking long naps throughout the day
  • Reflect
  • Success!
  • Susan has really good coping skills and she has high self-esteem! Unfortunately, she gets in fights with her parents and siblings and she has trouble concentrating. She's going to work on her relationship with her family.
  • No fair!
  • Now that Susan's getting more sleep, she's noticed that her grades have improved and she's been a lot happier!
  • Susan reflects on her progress. She's been getting nine hours of sleep every night, resulting in academic improvement and a better attitude. Her happier mood has allowed her to resolve the conflict with her parents and get along with her siblings better!
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