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Updated: 3/13/2020
Unknown Story

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  • The congress of Vienna was first held in September 1814 in the city of Vienna, Austria.
  • Today we are here to discuss the problem of napoleons destruction.
  • There were five Represenatives in attendance.Each were from a different power of Europe. They were Prince Klemes von Metternich of Austria.Alexander of Russia, prince Karl Aguston Hardenburg of prussia lord Castlereagh of great britian and Charles maurice de talleyrand of france
  • Thanks all for coming and representing your countries.
  • During the meeting the congress decided that in order to stop Napoleon they must redraw borders and take land away from him.
  • To stop the Napoleons power we must surround France with powerful countries.
  • Countries such as Russia,Prussia , Austria UK etc. expand the Netherlands is created Finally, Frances borders are pushed back as they were in 1792
  • We can expand Russia, Austria and Prussia
  • Another way to take away Naploeons power was put to a king in as ruler of France instead of Napoleon.
  • I think we should also restore France to a Monarchy.
  • These ideas were finally adopted by June of 1815 and were held onto for forty years
  • Agreed!
  • Do we all agree?