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The Dark Knight's- A Hero's Journey
Updated: 2/22/2019
The Dark Knight's- A Hero's Journey
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Storyboard Text

  • Intro to the Hero's World (Seperation)
  • Call to Action (Seperation)
  • Mentor Teaches the Hero (Initiation)
  • One day, the Joker was a member of bank robbers and they stole a lot of money from the bank in Gotham City. Then the Joker betrayed others and killed them.
  • First Challenge and Temptation (Initiation)
  • The Batman having the big weapon like a gun appeared to save this city in front of the police and attacked the police so the police started to chase him.
  • Final Battle (Initiation)
  • The Joker declared that he would kill people everyday if the Batman didn't take off his mask on TV. After that, Harvey also declared that he was the Batman on TV. Then the Joker came to kill him, but the real Batman, Bruce was waiting for him and finally the police caught the Joker.
  • Return Home (Return)
  • The Batman got an opportunity to talk with the Joker. Actually the Joker was enjoying crimes. Then the joker said that he planted bombs on the place where Harvey and his wife are. The Batman had to choice which guy he would save. As a result, he saved Harvey and his wife died.
  • Harvey totally changed to a crazy guy because of the death of his wife and then started to kill people. He was about to kill Gordon and his family, but the Batman came to save them. After that, the Batman killed him.
  • Finally the Batman said that he was not a super hero because he had killed people. Then Gordon replied that the Batman was just a silent guardian, a Dark Knight.
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