Chapter 3 of the Backpack Surprise
Updated: 4/20/2020
Chapter 3 of the Backpack Surprise
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  • -I started panicking and almost had a panic attack.-I searched everywhere I could, my backpack, her backpack, the bookshelves, under the bed, but it was nowhere.-I started crying when I noticed some black things on the ground, at first I thought it was lint, but then I realized who had the trophy.
  • The Clue
  • -I ran down the stairs into the living room where the cat was.- She was playing on the carpet she ripped earlier with the trophy right next to her.-I slowly snuck up to her and tried grabbing her when she hissed at me.- I could tell it was her because her fur was black - I could see the trophy and yelled,"MEOW!"-She got scared and knew she was in trouble.
  • Approach The Thief
  • -Meow wasn't the easiest to make a deal with, but I figured it out.-She was running into the kitchen practically pointing at some catnip.- I gave her the catnip and took the trophy.-Finally, I felt like I wasn't going to have a panic attack anymore.
  • Make A Deal
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