Storyboard (IT Skills)
Updated: 3/24/2020
Storyboard (IT Skills)

Storyboard Text

  • Next day, Shamu arranged a meeting with Miss Rubene to tell about the statement error. Miss Rubene check the statement.
  • Wait i'll check the statement.
  • Good morning Miss Rubene, there is something wrong with the statement. The building amount was overstated
  • A few minute later, Miss Rubene say that there is no error in the statement. Shamu want to argue but Miss Rubene ask her to not take it seriously.
  • But....
  • There is no error on the statement. All is correct, This is a normal issue, don't take it serious.
  • Shamu call the boss of AE Company immediately and tell her that she want to meet her tomorrow. The boss agreed to meet her.
  • Account Statement AE Company
  • AE Company Transaction
  • On the next day, Shamu meet Miss Kalai at coffee shop. She told about the statement error and Miss Kalai ask her to check again because she know the statement is correct. Miss Kalai is not happy because Shamu stated the error.
  • There is an error in the statement Miss Kalai, there is an overstated in building amount.
  • Why she want to make big deal with this matter.
  • I think there is no error in the statement, can you please check it again because we have a good cooperation with your audit company for along time and no one object it before.
  • Shamu is very sad because of this matter. She want to find the real record so she met AE company accountant Miss Iffah and she bribe her to show the real statement. Iffah help her to get the file.
  • How about i make a deal with you Miss Iffah. You give me the real statement and i'll give you money. It will be between us only.
  • I accept the deal. Here is the file. Hope it will stay between us.
  • Finally, Shamu found out that there is an fraud statement by AE Company. Shamu submit all evidence to Prescribed Accountant Body (PAB) and they arrested Miss Kalai.
  • You are under investigation Miss Kalai for forgery of account. Please follow me.