Storyboard 1
Updated: 4/24/2020
Storyboard 1

Storyboard Text

  • Ms Bavi(Auditor)
  • Ms Kalai(AE Company Boss)
  • Ms Rubene (Junior Auditor)
  • Shaamu(Intern Student)
  • Ms Iffah(AE Company Accountant)
  • Mr Maagen(Police Officer)
  • Ms Bavi gives a audit case to Shaamu of AE Company's transactions.
  • Noted Ms Bavi.I will provide a good statement.
  • AE Company Transaction
  • This is AE Company's transactions. This is your first task of this internship.
  • Shaamu arranged a small meet up with AE Company Boss (Ms Kalai) & introduced herself that she going to audit AE Company. Ms Kalai shows her appreciation to Shaamu & give away AE Company documents to Shaamu.
  • Hai Shaamu.Glad to meet you!These are the documents that you have to audit.
  • AE Company
  • Hai Ms Kalai.Glad to meet you too! Thank you for the time and i will provide a good statements.
  • Shaamu audit the AE Company's transaction day to night by referring her additional notes about auditing.
  • AE Company Acc Debit Credit 1200 3400
  • AE CompanyTransaction