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water cycle
Updated: 3/11/2020
water cycle
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  • wow its cold out here in this rain
  • gotta go to bed ill see you out here tomorrow
  • looks like it stopped raining but the windows have condensation on them
  • im gonna go to a trail
  • this water is evaporating
  • this is precipitation rain is a form on precipitation
  • the rain made the water rise up in this stream
  • the windows got foggy with water droplets on them cause of condensation
  • i found this cave and theirs water underground in there
  • this is evaporation water rises in to the sky to the clouds to make more rain in the clouds
  • this lake is taking the water to a sea or bigger water source
  • run off is where the water runs off something like this cliff
  • im gonna start going back lets see if we see anything else
  • ground water is water in underground
  • this is transportation the water is being taken somewhere else
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