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Updated: 2/8/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Church was good today but I am getting tired of the same ole´ sermon.
  • Shhh, don´t talk too loud. Here in the New England colonies, you know we take religion very seriously.
  • I completely understand your reasoning, John. It´s the 18th century for crying out loud.
  • ¨In your name I do pray.¨
  • John Smith and a church member of his are tarrying outside of the church. He is realizing that he needs a little spark in his spiritual life.She tells him that due to the Puritans strict rules, that he should be careful talking about it right outside of the church building.
  • Admit your sins!
  • His friend feels the same way that he does about an dull feeling in the church.There has to be another type of devotion other than just hearing sermons and wearing dresses to your knees. Logic and reasoning is the main reason behind this thought.
  • I am catholic.
  • I am methodist.
  • He decided to come to God praying and seeking personal salvation. He is praying for God to watch over his people and for him to show Puritans another way to seek and feel the love of God.
  • John Smith along with other ministers taught the idea of praise and worship another way and was very popular among the congregation. A man named John Locke decided to preached natural rights. On the negative side, a lot of members of the congregation left the Puritan way of life to explore new denominations.
  • After the Great Awakening period, Christianity grew with the creation of new denominations.Though different in their own way,they were still apart of the same home religion.This was different than the middle colonies. They only cared about the benefit of trade and not so much about religious positions.
  • On the negative side of the great awakening,the Puritan church members were declining. Many pastors spoke against the revival, saying that the American system was as corrupt as England´s system.