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Cold war
Updated: 6/12/2019
Cold war
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  • Democracy!!
  • Communism!!! 
  • World War II had just ended and there needed to be changes in the world America thought that there shouldn't be communism and that all countries should be Democratic but the soviet Union thought other wise
  • The Soviet Union had an Idea to offer economic support to the countries that were damaged during world war II and in exchange, the countries would turn to Communism America did the same thing but had more to offer so they gained more and greater allies, The Soviet Union took Eastern Europe and Americ took Western Europe and Canada, The Soviet Union had been losing lots of money in Afghanistan and America wanted to keep USSR in Afganistan.
  • America was furious that the Soviet Union was efficiently turning countries into Communist so America decided to create an organization called the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) it was created to help western countries like Canada, America and 10 other Western European countries by giving them supplies such as food, water, oil and many more.
  • Germany had also created a group with East Germany, Poland, Romania, and Hungary called the Warsaw Pact which was made to oppose NATO and help turn more countries Communist but all the members of the group were Soviets.
  • The Soviets, tested their first Atomic Bomb called the First Lightning or RDS-1 code named Joe-1, the Soviet Union tested their Atomic bomb at a remote site in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan in order to maintain the Explosions effects Soviet Scientist constructed Buildings, Bridges and other civilian structures in the vicinity of the Bomb, America took this as a threat
  • America and the Soviet Union were insisting to use the atomic bombs againts each but later on, the treaty of intermediate Nuclear Forces was signed in Washington, DC which prevented the Mass global Destruction.Later on, When Mikhail Gorbach no one predicted the revolution he would bring. A dedicated reformer, Gorbachev introduced the policies of glasnost and perestroika to the USSR.
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