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part 2- the role of a shop steward
Updated: 9/22/2020
part 2- the role of a shop steward
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  • Do you understand the charges against you Sir? and do you plead guilty or not guilty to these charges?
  • This is a formal disciplinary hearing following allegations raised against you Mr. Mivuyo of an incident that involved misusing company vehicle for personal use without being permitted by the senior employees
  • Yes Mr. Chairperson, I fully understand the charges and I plead guilty to them
  • There is also a witness on this incident and we would like to call up Mr Mivuyo's supervisor and here the full version of the story from him.
  • Thank you honorable chair. Now as we know that in each organization there are certain policies and rules that govern the employees of that organization. South African labour laws give full right to the organisation to sanction or discipline any employee who fails to obey the policies
  • Good day Mr Philips and thank you for joining us. Can you please tell us about the incident about your worker using the company vehicle for his personal use. Please tell us exactly what happened.
  • Good day Mr. Chairman and your committee. My name is Andrew Philips and I'm the supervisor to the accused. During our shifts, i received an urgent call from security that one of our vehicles was missing and we went to the CCTV footage, which showed us Mr. Mivuyo leaving the work premises with it. In our investigations, it is said that no one gave permission to the worker.
  • A brief summary on the purpose of the hearing was given by the chairman and the chairman made sure that lawful procedures were followed on the part of the accused concerning the issuing of the notice
  • Yes that will be all Sir. Thank you
  • If that is all then thank you Mr Philips for your time, you are excused.
  • after the employee has pleaded guilty handed over to the disciplinary committee to present their evidence on the case
  • Now as you can hear for yourself Mr. Chair, the accused took the vehicle without permission and this happened during working time when the worker was supposed to be working. And according to Code of good practice and the evidence provided here, the employee needs to be sanctioned
  • The disciplinary committee called upon the employee's supervisor as a witness to the case and was given an opportunity to give the full details of the case.
  • That will be all for today then and hank you for the respect you have shown to each. I will go and look closely to the evidence provided by the complainants and the disciplinary commitee
  • after questions that were raised by the Chairman to verify the witness's story if it is true and not fabricated. The witness was dismissed.
  • The disciplinary hearing committee gave their views of the case and the outcomes they expect at the end of the hearing
  • Before a final decision on the sanction, the Chairman always would have some time to go through the evidence provided and also consider the worker's side of the story which will have an influence in the final decision
  • I will now give you some time off as you wait for the final hearing that will be in the next 2 days. The accused can then come with his side of the story, which will obviously be investigated and you also have a right to bring a representative if you want one. That will be all for today, we will meet again for the final hearing.
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