Cultural expressions 2
Updated: 3/12/2020
Cultural expressions 2

Storyboard Text

  • Oh my I have messed up bad this time
  • Mrs. Ryan said since you didn't come today you must come on Saturday.
  • Mrs. Ryan said I have to come on Saturday to give my first confession.
  • MOM! I need your help.
  • Well I'm sorry son your sister will have to take you.
  • Shut Up! I don't want to go to this confession I'm super nervous.
  • Jackie, you make sure to tell him of all your sins. Even the time you kicked Nan in the shin or try to stab me with a knife.
  • No your not getting out of, remember to tell him every sin you have done.
  • Look there is a big line lets just leave this place.
  • "How dare you hit the child like that, you little vixen?"
  • You're so dumb, I knew you would mess this thing up. 
  • Wow why would you do that?
  • So what did you do that is so bad my child?
  • My Father she is an awful person who drinks, and walks bare foot, and favors my sister.
  • My father I had planned to kill my Nan